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Seminar and Workshop: Flexible Automation for Future Food Production

ELMIA Automation Fair, Jönköping, Sweden
Wednesday, May 15, at 10:00-11:30


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Welcome to a seminar and workshop exploring the challenges of automating flexible food production and presenting innovative solutions to create sustainable and future-proof automation solutions for seasonal food production.

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Presentation of the FLAP project: Learn insights from the research project "Sustainable and Flexible Automation of Seasonal Production through Dynamic Resource Management (FLAP)". Discover how major food producers like Orkla, Dagab, Löfbergs, and Spendrups tackle customer challenges and implement sustainable automation.

Group discussions: Explore challenges, opportunities, and experiences in flexible automation through interactive group discussions.

Robotics technology demonstration: Witness an impressive demonstration of robotics technology performing cutting-edge AI-based solutions for dynamic customer order-driven mixed palletizing demos in the exhibition hall at Elmia, at the OpiFlex booth.

Topics to be discussed:

We will address complex engineering challenges affecting the food and beverage industry and the innovative solutions developed within the project to address them. We will discuss flexible customer-specific robot palletizing for complex orders where packaging has different geometries, and custom orders typically require manual handling. Hear from researchers and companies behind the project and gain insights from them.

Why participate:

With the increasing demand for customized products and variations in food production, flexible automation is becoming increasingly crucial. By participating in this seminar, you will gain insights into how flexible automation can improve resource utilization, energy consumption, and space utilization while enabling dynamic business models to meet today's market demands.

You are warmly invited to participate and engage in this exciting discussion about the future of food production!


  • Luis Ribeiro, professor at Linköping University and specialist in flexible production
  • Johan Frisk, CEO/founder of OpiFlex, a leader in flexible robot solutions

Representatives from leading food conglomerates:

  • Andreas Olsson and Per-Olov Lindeberg from Orkla
  • Christina Krysén from Spendrups
  • Jonas Berg from Löfbergs
  • Anders Lindén and Daniel Pettersson from Dagab
  • Kerstin Eriksson from Swedish Foods Arena.

Location: Conference Room 11 at Jönköping Concert & Congress

Exhibitor: OpiFlex

Registration: Pre-registration is required to attend the seminar.