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Explore the solutions for ultra-flexible automation of the future

Explore the solutions for ultra-flexible automation of the future

ELMIA Automation Fair, Jönköping, Sweden, Thursday, May 16, at 10:00-11:30

Welcome to an inspiring and thought-provoking day where we explore future solutions for flexible production and automation.

We are delighted to invite you to a seminar and workshop that will illuminate the challenges and opportunities that arise as we strive to automate flexible production. This event is the result of the exciting research project Ultra, funded by the strategic innovation program Produktion2030 with the support of VINNOVA.

Agenda for the day:

Presentation on the transformation from small-scale manufacturers to large automotive producers.

  • Explore customer challenges and needs.
  • Discover the Ultra research project and its focus on ultra-flexible production.
  • Learn from examples and experiences of customers.
  • Next steps in development.

Group discussions on challenges, opportunities, and experiences.

Demonstration of future automation solutions.

  • Explore OpiFlex's patented Dynamic Program Generator with Dynamic Flow Optimization, enabling rapid and flexible creation of robot programs. Visit OpiFlex booth D06:65 to see how we shape the future of ultra-flexible robot solutions.

Examples of challenges and needs in flexible automation:

  • Lack of flexibility and utilization of robots.
  • High product mix.
  • Rapidly changing product design.
  • Difficulties with layout changes in the workshop.

Examples of experiences and solutions:

  • Dynamic Multi-Purpose Robot solutions.
  • More circular and climate-neutral production with robot pools.
  • Design for flexible manufacturing and automation.
  • Creation of flexible and dynamic robot programs.

Why participate?

This day will provide you with insights, inspiration, and concrete tools to address the challenges of flexible production and automation. You will have the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the field and participate in enriching discussions that will shape the future of the industry.

Participating industry experts:

  • Fredrik Ore (Automation Competence Leader, Production & Logistics, Scania)
  • Carl Ottosson (CEO, Norrebo Träindustrier)
  • Anna Syberfeldt (Professor, University of Skövde)
  • Magnus Widfeldt (Researcher, RISE)
  • Johan Frisk (CEO/Founder, OpiFlex).

Location: Conference Room 11 at Jönköping Concert & Congress Center.

Exhibitor: OpiFlex

Registration: Pre-registration is required to attend the seminar.Please find link here